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Dan thinks Florida is the best 2 loss team out there, its not being reporting as "news", its being reporting from a dude who has watched all their games, and has an opinion. There is a big difference. I have lived my entire life in Ohio and I root like a mother for the Indians and Cavs don't care so much about the Browns, never have, though I'll watch them on TV and go to games if invited.

My dad also roots for OSU even though he, like me, is not an alum and went to a Div. III school. I try to explain to them that most of the state of Ohio claims allegiance to them based on the whole "Ohio STATE" part of the name, and I get dismissed and called a frontrunner. I then try to explain how my own school doesn't even play on a field with STANDS and I had to root for someone, so why not the school that best represents the state I was born, raised, and still live in.

That ALSO gets called all the time. Honestly, I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. But now that we're good, I hear it all the time how I'm some Johnny-come-lately frontrunner.

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Anyway, Dan, I think my reasons are if anything MORE legit than yours, so I wanted to let you know that sometimes, people are just haters and that's that. Try to take it with a grain of salt.

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He grew up about 5 blocks from Wrigley and wanting to be different from his friends, chose the south side teams. Thank god he did, calling my dad and grandpa from college after the WS in 05 and hearing two grown men my idols act like kids was one of the happiest moments of my life. The Illini are too far away, and have sucked for too long. Northwestern is a doormat. Sure, there is Notre Dame of whom I was a fan until my rejection letter came in 02, just in time , but once the Bears start…everything else is irrelevant. Its not like NU has an extended alumni base that cares much for sports.

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Northwestern is an academic school. Like Dan, I am a college sports nomad myself. With no childhood team left as I left for college, I hoped to embrace my alma mater. Ooops, I went to a MAC school.


Miami OH can only carry you so far on Saturday afternoons. Yes, I attended every game when I was there, which is better than most can say, but after Big Ben and graduation, the passion has waned significantly. CCHA hockey on the other hand, I fully embrace. In all likelihood because the RedHawks were so good. Maybe grad school or a wife would settle me down. The best thing is this, one of my closest friends is a diehard hurricanes fan.

Pick 51 of the 12222 NFL Draft: A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss

His dad went there and he grew up right down the street from the school. Then his mom took his dad to the cleaners in a divorce and his dad declared bankruptcy. That is about as funny as you get. OH yeah he met his wife there and they are nasty to one another the week of that game. Me since the early 80's, my wife her whole life. Her grandfather actually helped build the Coliseum.

We've been together for more than 15 years and we still have unspoken rules for how we root for our team and how we can console each.

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After the USC-Texas game we literally didn't talk to each other about the game for more than 24 hours. Not a single word. If either of us would've said something it would've just pissed the other off. I'm lucky to be married to a gal who can hang in most any Pac conversation, especially the Cali teams, but its just funny how we're big fans but we only share that fandom to a certain extent. We need our own turf. As far as anyone else's vhoice of team, who gives a damn. Live and let live. I was at USC games in the 90's with barely 25k fans in the coliseum and now its regularly over 85k.

Good for SC, more money and the games are more fun with more fans. I just hope some of the stick for the long haul. Dan, that is pathetic. If anything the NU 93 season should have validated your choice to rot for them. Instead you turned your back. I grew up a Badger fan living an hour from Madison with Season Tickets.

My entire family went to WIsconsin. However, I chose to attend Indiana. One would guess that I am a diehard hoops fan, but this is not the case. I am a football guy, always will be. I travel to as many games as possible and still have yet to see a bowl eligible team.

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But, that does NOT change the fact they are my team. I could take the easy way out and stay a Badger fan, but that would be turning my back at one of the key rules in fandom: If your alma mater is in the BCS that is your team. Go Hoosiers! You made some good points overall Dan. I just don't agree with all of them but it was well presented other than the part ripping into how most fans pick their teams. I fall into the biological and geographical part growing up watching Cleveland teams and Ohio State with my dad. I had no intention of ever following the Browns in Baltimore and still hate Art Modell with a passion that it sickens me to see a picture of him and recently saw he was honored by the Ravens.

I'd say the Indians are my 1 team since some of my oldest memories are sitting in the left field general admission section at Municipal Stadium with extremely small crowds. I someday dreamed of going to every game and if I could move closer and get a better job, I would. I haven't been a huge Browns fan my whole life basically because they moved while I was in high school and I didn't really like Bill Belichek as coach there when he released Kosar. He started to finally turn them around until the move was announced.

I've since followed and watched every game since the return, but it has been very tough but I still live and die with them every game. The funny thing about me as a Cavs fan is that the first ever Cavs game I went to, I didn't even know who they were. All I knew was that I was watching "Larry Bird's team" play at some place that took a long time to drive to like 45 mins.

I knew Bird from One on One with Dr. I watched just about every game of the 17 win season before they got LeBron and was genuinely pumped up about the idea of DaJuan Wagner, Ricky Davis, and Darius Miles team. I've always been an Ohio State fan and didn't go there. I went to D3 Mount Union and never really followed them that much simply because their football team was too good and not worth watching. Man, I rambled on Wow, sorry I missed the whole "question your fanhood" part of this conversation.

Mine is the greatest, purest, and best, for the record. I just wanted to come on and point out that Matt Ryan deserves negative Heisman votes, if anything. VT could easily have picked off 3 of his passes by now, instead of 1. Fumbles and incompletions are allowable in that slop, but MR is almost as bad at avoiding defenders as that Flutie kid.

Jonathan Nice to see a fellow Nittany Lion on here as well. I'll be one the , crazed, white-out, fans on Saturday night. I'm just hoping and praying we can knock off the Buckeyes. Although it will be tough. They are well coached and defensively as good as it gets. WE ARE! I see this whole conversation was questioning everyone's fanhood. The font is too big on the main page, so I always skip the three-page post and click on the Comments link, every visit after the 1st of the day.

Since you picked your team because of a girl, and nothing more rational than that. I guess people are, and have a right to be, skeptical about your allegiances. But being a fan is more than a girl, and more than your father, or geography. At some point it isn't.