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So join he does, going from top of his class to bottom rung in the DMC. Amazon Kobo iTunes Google Play. The last thing terminally ill language professor Ricardo Carillo remembers is standing on the deck of a Mediterranean cruise ship, watching a giant fireball hurtle toward him. He awakens in the body of a young Gandalaran named Markasset, sharing a telepathic bond with a giant, intelligent feline named Keeshah. Ricardo faces two challenges: navigating this unfamiliar desert world, and learning about his new identity and mission.

The truth will either prove his innocence—or endanger the new life he has only just begun. Our work protects readers, creators, librarians, retailers, publishers, and educators who face the threat of censorship.

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After 20 hours, it had , views, was liked 3, times, and had multiple influencer engagements, including Malcolm Nance, Stonekettle, and John Scalzi. As Mimi struggles to carve out a better life on the polluted island, there are many forces—ruthless local gangs, ecoterrorists, money-hungry American investors, and a Chinese-American interpreter searching for his roots—that threaten to change life as she knows it.

Apple Books: US. It made me regret not tracking all my favorite sentences throughout my reading life, and for this I was a little sad.

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My one request would be that I wish the book or story was also cited along with the author. Tobias Wolff got on the list twice, the greedy bastard 6 and A dress that could reverse a vasectomy!?

So brilliant! My favorites are — Emily St. John Mandel and Denis Johnson. Alway Denis Johnson who to me is greatest depth, heart-piercing depth.

Once Upon a River

Like Sherman Alexie. Your taste is a bit diff from mine: mine is more on the verge of pain, yours likes wisdom, indeed some wit as in the fact that many are figures of speech. For instance, My favorite by far 95 — the insomniac.

What a beautiful collection of sentences! Thank you. I liked that Joyce Carol Oates 95, too. And I love the image of light as confetti. The 58 Lydia Davis one takes a few reads to unpack it, I think. How many other sentences rely on tense alone for depth? What a wondrous thing to discover this morning! I was looking for places to sub my flash, somehow ended up here and am much the richer for it.

Thank you very much. I was sorry to see there was no Melville in your list—the man could write such beautiful sentences. He could go on and on with them for entire pages! Check out Moby Dick, chapter 23, the lee shore, for example, the last two paragraphs. Or for a hilarious one, sentence 4 of chapter 1. But they are everywhere! I think Amy Hempel probably belongs on a list like this, too….

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I really loved reading it and thinking of my own favorite sentences over many years. Nice blog! I know, that 31 Michael Ondaatje is fantastic. Amy Hempel is a fantastic suggestion. Others I will keep and share because of their gorgeous language, but also their message: George Saunders!!