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But once they are heading back over to the house, they come across Snips. Lucky tries to hide the pup, but Snips spots his tail. He complains about losing all his other animals, and wants to name the pup Snips Jr.

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However, the PALs refuse to give up the pup. Once Kate and Jim are gone, the PALs think watching the pup and the baby girl is easy, until the house is nearly turned upside down. Snips manages to get his hands on the pup, but loses his expired piece of birthday beef jerky to the wolf. Once the PALs clean up the house, Snips arrives back with the pup, saying he wants Abigail to have him.

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This gave Abigail one of her highest moments, and she said to Snips she would have him hand over his desserts to her for a month, return her stolen hairbrush, and stop calling her "Queen Abigail". Snips obeys. UNICEF is at work in Dominica to provide safe drinking water to affected families and provide psychosocial support to affected children and their families. We need more shoulders to assist Dominica to get back on its feet. By Ridwan Gustiana. By Chris Niles. Your email address will not be published. Your name. Your email.

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Post it. Close Menu. Home All blogs. Abruptly, the electricity in the house went off. Suddenly, doors and windows snapped and a muddy river broke into the house with fury.

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It was impossible to escape as the surge of river water hurtled inside. It took me a while to grasp all he was about, and when I did, I left. My daughter has a great life, is very grounded, feels safe, has a one-home, one-church family and incredible grandparents.

I do not want to disrupt her life by bringing a man into it who made it clear he wants no part of her, and who is not the role model I want for my child. What's the next step regarding conversations with her, getting child support, etc.? DEAR MOM: While I sympathize that your daughter doesn't have a father figure, based on your description of her father, you used sound judgment in ending your relationship. To reconnect with him now could lead to your daughter being rejected once again, not only by him, but by his family as well.

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You were also wise to forgo child support. If you demanded it, the father would be in her life, for better or worse.

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In order to fulfill your child's need for a father figure, enlist the help of a male relative or longtime male friend to function as a surrogate father, or at least a part-time male presence in her life. Another option is to join a group for single parents so your daughter can see she's not the only child without a dad. An appointment with a child psychologist to discuss what else may be causing your daughter to weep could also be helpful.

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After I had major surgery, some friends offered to bring lunch that we could share. They planned to stay and visit with me. I told them I wasn't up to socializing due to pain and discomfort.

Two weeks later, they offered again. I thanked them, but declined for the same reason.