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For the past month we have been working hard at creating this mod for you all.

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Please remember the only credit we get from this is your support and kind words. With that being said please rate, comment, and upload your screenshots of your beautiful new characters. Thank you! They are descended from a race of beings long forgotten in the world of Tamriel, described as "gods but not gods", a race somewhere in between the two.

It was said in long ages past, that they come from a great Island far off the North Western Coast.

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Some say that just over a thousand years ago the entire Island was destroyed by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption Dragon Princess Armor with the big pauldrons and steel collar Lady Santry Tan indian armor with the shorts Lady INDI. Mog Station. Community Character Danzaiver Aos'si. You have no connection with this character.

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Follower Requests. City-state Gridania. Free Company Dawn Exodus. Physical Damage. Sells for gil Market Prohibited.

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LEVEL Unique Untradable. Disciples of War or Magic. Unsellable Market Prohibited. All Classes. Upon the surface of this multi-aspected crystal are carved the myriad deeds of gunbreakers from eras past. HP Melee DPS Healer Physical Ranged DPS Disciples of the Hand -.

Disciples of the Land -.

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