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The drama is undeniable, the personality quirks of the contestants are utterly magnetic, and the all-at-once satisfaction of being able to consume the whole thing in one sitting each episode is 23 minutes, highlighting the bloat that shows like Chopped increasingly suffer under is pure attention-span gamification. Or, you could let your eyes gently go out of focus as the competitors heat and re-heat glowing blobs of glass, slowly forming them into impossibly fascinating works of art that look and often are fragile to the touch.

It's TV in its most addictive form, and after just one episode, you'll undoubtedly be begging for a second season. Fall 20th Anniversary Issue. Music Style Culture Video. Twitter facebook youtube instagram.

Netflix's 'Blown Away' is your latest reality obsession

By Larry Fitzmaurice. Share Tweet. Glassblowing is physically demanding work that Schafer describes as a powerful blend of magic and science.

Each creation takes focused effort to create, and requires the studio space for large tools as well as an oven reaching more than 2, degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the community is small, and glassblowers share a mutual respect and camaraderie that comes from shared experience with such a volatile medium.

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Instead, it felt like a real opportunity to bring a little-understood art practice to the world. Once in the hot shop on set, Schafer and her fellow competitors found themselves trying to find a balance between true studio practice and what was expected from them as part of a competitive reality television show.

For example, at the beginning of the competition, the 10 contestants were provided with only five high-heat torches, which are fundamental to the initial shaping and sculpting of the molten glass. It was in these contrived situations that the glass community found itself in most cultural contrast with the nature of the show. But we all wouldn't dare to think that because that would be so terrible to watch, and we do care and respect for each other.

But I could see how the producer and the cameraman were kind of wanting that.

What made you to want ‘polarizing’ to be the first way you described yourself on camera?

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