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Disaster Risk Management officials confirmed later on Monday that structures had been destroyed, leaving 1, people without shelter. The community called for donations of non-perishable food, blankets, clothing, and baby items to be dropped off at the Living Hope Centre in Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek. Cape Town fire and rescue services spokesperson Jermain Carelse said five firefighting appliances, a rescue vehicle and 21 staff members initially responded to the fire.

Shacks alight. Eighteen firefighting engines, two rescue vehicles and 79 staff were brought in to contain the blaze.

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Register Sign In. South Africa. Firefighters injured as blaze leaves shacks gutted in Cape Town.

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Any type of heat wave, even those that we get in Connecticut, can wreak havoc with Cape Primrose plants. When temperatures rise into the 90's, the plants will go into a wilt and the leaves get damaged or the plants collapse, as the transpiration of the leaves is far greater than what the root system can uptake.

Flowering is initiated by the intensity of light and Cape Primroses can flower 10 months out of the year in natural light on a north or east-facing window. They also make great plants for light gardens and tend to bloom well under those conditions. Fertilizing Your Plants. Fertilize with caution since Streps are lower light loving plants.

Damage can occur when you use large or frequent doses of high salt fertilizers. When you feed your plant, we recommend intermittent feeding with any liquid, balanced, houseplant fertilizer where the three numbers are close together or the same. It's best to reduce the recommended fertilizer dosage by half so if it calls for one teaspoon per quart of water, add only half a teaspoon per quart.

Periodically, you should leach, or let water run out of the bottom of the pot, so you don't get an accumulation or build up of salt levels from the fertilizer. One of the symptoms of excess fertilization is a browning or burning of the leaf edge as the young leaves emerge and start to grow. As this damaged leaf matures, there will be a burned edge and a constricted area in the leaf. Remember that high temperatures along with greater leaf transpiration can aggravate this problem.

Cyclamen mites and aphids can be a problem when you're growing Cape Primroses. Cyclamen mites affect the youngest leaves causing a browning or distortion of the growth.

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Aphids will get on the flowers but only if another infected plant is nearby. We recommend spraying the plants with neem oil, 2 TB per gal with 4 tsp of dishwashing detergent.

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You'll need to apply several applications usually a week apart. It's also best to isolate any infected plants during treatment so the pests don't spread to other plants. Root disease can be an issue for Cape Primroses during high temperatures. Since the roots cannot take up enough water during high periods of heat, the stressed root system is the perfect place for disease to set in.

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If you notice that the plants don't recover from the wilt they experience on hot days, then tap the plants out of their pots. Diseased roots will be dead and break apart when touched. Rots can also affect the crown at the soil surface cutting off the flow of water. If your home is air-conditioned during the summer heat, then the plants are better able to sustain high temperatures. Cape Primroses grow in a rosette and periodically the older leaves need to be pinched off if they are yellowing or looking shabby.

The old flower stems should also be removed once the flowers have past to keep your plant looking healthy and vibrant.

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Click here to view our Cape Primroses. Download PDF care sheet.

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