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It reveals a very top-down, technocratic bias. Grassroots organizations are almost entirely absent from the list — if not entirely absent. In other words, the peace movement is missing from the list. Activist organizations are missing from the list. Yet activist, social movement organizations are precisely the organizations that change history. The activist organizations which need to be added to that list are numerous.


Based in D. Based in Philadelphia, with numerous offices in the U. War Resisters International is based in London.

Getting To Zero: The Path To Nuclear Disarmament

Greenpeace International is based in Amsterdam. There are many others too, including PSR and the other groups mentioned in a previous comment. Anyone affiliated with the Future of Life Institute concerned with nuclear weapons ought to study the some of the books published in the past 20 years about the history of the struggle for peace, for nuclear disarmament, and for an end to the Cold War. It was far more complicated than that. Then through mass public pressure, those ideas came to have an influence upon government leaders on all sides.

And without the grassroots organizing of activists in SANE and other peace movement organizations, these scientists would not have had the space to organize, to speak out, and to be heard, in the first place.

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I also recommend studying the black civil rights movement of the s and s. One of the most detrimental effects of nuclear weapons has been the development of the nuclear state.

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Among other things, the nuclear state is committed to an unprecedented level of secrecy, and it is characterized by a top-down approach to decision-making. Email address:. The Risk of Nuclear Weapons. What do the experts worry about?

Getting to zero : the path to nuclear disarmament

How many people would all-out nuclear war kill? Recommended References.

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  8. Institute for Science and International Security : Analyzes and communicates to the public on the science and policy behind nuclear nonproliferation and related international security issues, with emphasis on tracking nuclear weapons programs worldwide. Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies C-PET : A wide network of knowledgeable professionals who identify, clarify, and prioritize the big questions raised in a future perspective to cultivate a context within which solutions can be developed. The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation : National non-partisan, non-profit dedicated to enhancing peace and security through expert policy analysis and thought-provoking research.

    Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy : Develops and supports multilateral disarmament and security agreements Abolition : An international global network of organizations and individuals working for a global treaty to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. Cambridge Center for Existential Risk : Multidisciplinary research center within the University of Cambridge to study and mitigate existential risks Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament : Advocacy group that seeks nuclear disarmament in Britain and the establishment of an international treaty banning all nuclear weapons Federation of American Scientists : Think tank focused on providing analysis and policy recommendations on national and international security issues related to applied science and technology Future of Humanity Institute : Oxford-based research organization analyzing big-picture questions for human civilization in an attempt to help shape the future of humanity Global Catastrophic Risk Institute : Think tank leading research, education, and professional networking on the full breadth of major global catastrophic risks Global Zero : International movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

    Powered by a visionary group of international leaders and experts who support our bold, step-by-step plan to eliminate all nuclear weapons by , the relentless creativity, energy and optimism of young people and half a million citizens worldwide, Global Zero is challenging the 20th century idea of basing national security on the threat of mass destruction.

    Human Survival Project : Seeks to protect humanity from nuclear holocaust and its societal and environmental aftermath; a joint initiative of the University of Sydney Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the and People for Nuclear Disarmament The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ICAN : Coalition of non-governmental organizations in one hundred countries promoting adherence to and implementation of the United Nations nuclear weapon ban treaty.

    James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies : Middlebury College-based organization focused on reducing the spread of weapons of mass destruction and training future nonproliferation experts Leverage Research : A team of researchers, inventors, educators, and activists focused on improving the world.

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    Their research includes reducing catastrophic risk from totalitarianism and artificial general intelligence Lifeboat Foundation : A non-profit organization encouraging scientific advancement while reducing existential risk and other possibly harmful outcomes from emerging technologies, including nanotechnology, robotics, AI, and genetic engineering Mayors for Peace : Close cooperation among the cities that strives to raise international public awareness regarding the need to abolish nuclear weapons.

    It contributes to the realization of genuine and lasting world peace by working to eliminate starvation and poverty, assist refugees fleeing local conflict, support human rights, protect the environment, and solve the other problems that threaten peaceful coexistence within the human family. The Marshall Islands is standing up to the nuclear-armed States due to their painful experience from the 67 nuclear weapons which were tested above ground on or near Bikini and Enewetok atolls between and One hydrogen bomb was times larger than the Hiroshima bomb.

    Entire islands were vaporized and populated islands were blanketed with fallout. Many of the Marshall Islanders developed cancers and had babies that were stillborn or with serious birth defects.

    The world doesn't need more nuclear weapons - Erika Gregory

    The continued existence of nuclear weapons and the terrible risk they pose to the world threaten us all. The ICJ lawsuits against India, Pakistan and the UK are proceeding as these three countries accept the compulsory jurisdiction of the Court for cases submitted by other countries also accepting compulsory jurisdiction. The Marshall Islands has requested that the Court make a declaratory judgment of breach of obligations of the nuclear armed States relating to nuclear disarmament, cessation of the nuclear arms race, and good faith.

    The Marshall Islands has also requested the Court to issue an order to the nuclear armed States to take, within one year of the judgment, all steps necessary to comply with their obligations under the NPT and customary international law with respect to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and nuclear disarmament, including the pursuit, by initiation if necessary, of negotiations in good faith aimed at the conclusion of a convention on nuclear disarmament in all its aspects under strict and effective international control.

    The Marshall islands has requested other non-nuclear governments to join the case in support — either by filing parallel cases or by intervening. Parallel cases can be lodged by any government that accepts the compulsory jurisdiction of the ICJ. Click here for a list of countries that have accepted ICJ compulsory jurisdiction. Support for the initiative Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony de Brum and the people of the Marshall islands have received numerous prestigious awards for the stand they have taken in the ICJ.