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The restaurant obviously spent a lot of time working on their logo design and how they looked to new customers. Word of mouth is possibly more important than ever. Creating a great and personal experience around a high quality product can lead to all sorts of virality — online and offline. If you treat customers poorly or sell lousy products, people will know and tell other to stay away.

And because of social media, they can influence not only their friends but also friends of friends and beyond. They used BigCommerce to redesign their site to look amazing and be easy-to-use across all devices:. This means having bulletproof processes in place to perfectly control your inventory without overselling and a seamless fulfillment system to ensure on-time deliveries.

Zappos are the absolute masters of this. The internet is filled with a multitude of what can be seen as small, yet powerful stories about how Zappos creates wow experiences for customers every single day. Creating an epic experience for customers is sometimes enough to get some of them shouting about you and referring others.

The Importance of Social Media in Business

You need to move away from hoping people tell their friends about you. And towards specific strategies that actively encourage people to refer. One of the big shifts around the concept of word of mouth is that people are spreading products in a different way. This means giving your customers something memorable.

The Hustle, for instance, sends an ambassador promotion email anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple months after someone joins they continue to test timing for effectiveness. Of their nearly , subscribers as of writing , this email has earned them more than 4, ambassadors, each of whom recommends upward of 25 people to The Hustle. They create a stunning visual experience that people just want to take photos of and share with other people.

You could create a website so stunning and unique that people just have to share it. But navigation, ease-of-use and conversions should always be your first point of call. They were among some of the first retailers to embrace Augmented Reality in a big way and created a huge online buzz when launching their AR app:. This video has 1. Creating something totally different and out of the box is another way to trigger people into spreading the word about your business. Or that you take an old product and sell it in a completely new way.

Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic example of both of these ideas. Not only did they take an old product a shaving razor and sell it in a new way via subscription to monthly grooming packages.

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In fact, they gained 12, customers within 48 hours of this initial YouTube video going live in and it now has over 25 million views :. This can be done via taking something you believe in and tying your company brand closely to it on your social commerce networks, your website and anywhere you can. Content generated by your users, customers and followers can be much more powerful, engaging and shareable than run of the mill company updates and photos. Meaning engaging your follower base in a two-way conversation can encourage them to start shouting about your business on social media — effectively endorsing and referring you to their friends and followers.

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Offering discounts for posts that meet certain criteria is one way to encourage this. Or running an ongoing social media competition on your own hashtag is another. For this generation, social media has become an integral part of their lives. Many companies have taken notice and are using social media to craft their marketing strategies, however, many organizations struggle to understand and determine how to successfully capture the attention of millennial consumers. One person that companies can learn a lot from is MarQuis Trill , a social media influencer, investor, and entrepreneur who has figured out how to authentically gain and capture the attention of young audiences.

MarQuis made his social media debut on Myspace in , at the tender age of In , he was listed as one of the most influential people on the internet.

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Now, through his social media platforms, MarQuis reaches millions of people every month, with a large percentage of his audience being millennials and Generation Z. After deciphering the formula for success, MarQuis started an agency called Entertainment , which is focused on helping businesses, influencers, athletes and artists develop and expand their brands. What are companies getting wrong when it comes to millennial marketing strategies? How does MarQuis keep his audience engaged?

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What are some best practices when it comes to millennial marketing on social media? MarQuis sat down with Forbes to discuss these questions and more. How did you develop such a huge following on social media? MarQuis Trill: It basically developed in college. I went from playing basketball to [be] an artist, to [be] a promoter online and it just grew from there. I always had that marketing strategy inside me and my school kind of just brought that out of me. Gassam: What are some mistakes that companies make when it comes to branding and marketing to millennials?

Trill: I think companies are getting things wrong, first, inside the company itself. Everything we see on TV is a copy. The people that work in those places are copying exactly what the millennials are doing, instead of coming to us and collaborating with us and actually hiring us and giving us jobs…instead of paying an influencer, how about hiring an influencer? For example, having an active blog makes it easy for you to connect with your audience with the help of fresh content.

But by having them share this content on the right time on Twitter or Facebook increases your reach 10X.

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Social media helps you connect to this larger, untapped segment of the market. By using social media , you diversify your marketing efforts in more than one way. Which is crucial to for your brand to make a mark in your niche. For instance, serious professionals may find your website via LinkedIn while the younger crowd or the millennials may find you on Instagram. Each piece of social media content that you create is a new door for new customers to enter.

Ultimately, it boils down to creating enough high quality content that you can post on social media sites, and in the process attract high-converting inbound traffic. Every seasoned social media marketer knows that there is some connection between social media and search engine optimization. By optimizing your social profiles and by keeping them fresh with the right content, you create a stronger presence on the web. You get more exposure.

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And you have multiple channels to draw people towards your business. There is massive amounts of content being created and shared on the social web. This content can easily be discovered by users with the help of keyword search, hashtags, etc. This may lead them to look you up on LinkedIn and learn more about your business. The social media world is evolving and is so is the SEO arena. And there are high chances that social signals may start having affect on your rankings. So why not be prepared by building your social media presence with valuable content?

Getting quality leads is only one part of the equation. The other part is converting those into sales.

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Can social media help you increase your conversion rates? The answer is a resounding yes, but only, if you do it the right way. Here are some ways you can use social media for better conversion rates.