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Now this place almost feels like home. You also need to lodge an equipment transfer request with the University Council before bringing any non-regulation scientific or Magickal apparatus up here! Piskine yelled. Professor Abbacus flipped his hand again. What did you expect? That I was going to sit behind a desk surrounded by books? Piskine wanted to strangle him. He was so furious that he could feel himself start to dissolve. He had to count to thirty before he could finally rein his feelings in. But this is my own personal equipment, and I know how everything works.

I doubt those other technomancers want me meddling with their equipment. Piskine opened his mouth to retort, and then closed it. You do what you need to, Dean.

Nocturnal University #1 - Higher Learning

He removed his hat, tossing it over a hook near the door, and unwound a scarf from around his neck. Now, are you going to introduce me to these other technomancers of yours? Piskine heaved a huge sigh. Professor Piskine took Professor Abbacus down from his new office to the laboratories where he knew the other technomancers would probably be this time of day. Since Abbacus had rubbed him up the wrong way already, he was dreading how the other Magick scientists would react to his brusque manner.

None of them were known for their patience, and were only truly happy dealing with machines. The technomancy laboratories were located on the first floor, above the lecture halls. As luck would have it all five of them were inside, working on various projects. Professor Piskine had to call them together. As the technomancers grudgingly left their lab benches, Professor Abbacus looked around the laboratory. Professor Piskine expected his usual sniff of disdain, but for once he actually appeared interested. Monitors of all shapes and sizes hung from the walls.

On one nearby bench, someone had been in the process of dismantling a mobile phone.

PDF Nocturnal University 1 - Higher Learning

Professor Abbacus went over to it and picked it up. He poked around inside for a couple of seconds, waved his human hand over the machine, and there was a bright green flash and puff of sulphuric smoke. What are you doing? Abbacus and Piskine looked up to see a tall, skinny man in a dirty white lab-coat come stomping around the corner. White hair stood straight out from his head and he wore glasses with coke-bottle lenses etched with circuit diagrams and some sort of complicated-looking ear-piece hooked onto one arm.

I worked out how to solve the communication problem years ago. Professor Abbacus handed over the phone. Dr Widget glared at Abbacus, but then he stared down at the machine in his hands, and his angry expression softened. Thank you I guess. He waved his hand at the other half-finished experiments. I have everything set up here just how I like it.

Yes, I was recruited from Oxford, can you believe that? Dr Widget still looked beside himself to be here.

What are you blathering about this time, Halon? She was quite obviously a vampire from a very old family. Tall and slender, with luxurious brown curls that seemed to have a life of their own, and shifted constantly around her lithe body. She wore a pair of thick glasses with reflective lenses. A curly cable ran from one arm down into the collar of her extremely low cut red dress. When Piskine introduced Professor Abbacus, it was her turn to stare in disdain. The position should have gone to me!

He drew himself up to his full height, one hundred and forty nine centimetres, and ground a bony thumb into his chest. He was slightly hunched, furry, pointy nosed and big eared - a were caught in between forms.

You found your PhD in a rubbish dump! Dr Ashe shouted at her. What have you got? A masters with a major in being irritating! Now come on people- Brightly-clad tree spirit Dr Roberta Bristlecone tried to break up the shouting match. Shut up, you dried-out old hippy! Dr Ashe snarled at her.

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Professor Abbacus has come to the Nocturnal University, a gigantic floating college hidden within a cloud, to teach technomancy and investigate a series of mysterious explosions. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Welcome to the Nocturnal University, Professor. I do hope you will enjoy your stay here.

Nocturnal University 1: Higher Learning

Abbacus flipped a hand. Piskine stared. We have extensive, highly resourced laboratories here!

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There, it ought to work now, he declared. And this Dr Muriel Primus, Piskine continued in the same humourless tone.

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