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New Releases. Description Is Liam Berne a loving son--or a murderer? The second book in the Ozark Mountain Trilogy, Only by Death is a thought-provoking suspense story of a man who loses everything and learns he must die to find life.

Ozark Mountain Trilogy

A mercy killing, he tells himself, to spare her years in a nursing home. And getting his inheritance early isn't a bad thing either. Dixie Berne's body is recovered and the coroner cannot find any sign of foul play, though Liam's sister isn't convinced. Then Liam hears rumors that a twelve-year-old boy has witnessed the drowning. Terrified that he will be discovered, Liam sets out to intimidate the boy into silence. Little does Liam know that someone else suspects him--someone who intends to make him pay.

Review quote "Kathy Herman's Only by Death hinges on a subtle principle from God's Word that points the reader to the secret of happiness and holiness--a secret discovered sooner or later by all true servants of the Savior. Readers of all ages will readily identify with the protagonist in this highly engaging read. Only by Death is not your typical murder mystery.

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Apr 03, Gail Welborn rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviews. He had convinced himself what he was about to do would help his mother out of a terrible situation and insure he and his sister, Colleen got their parents inheritance instead of the Alzheimer hospital like he knew his mother would want. All of which makes this so much more than a murder mystery. Apr 13, Mark rated it it was amazing.

Kathy Herman has been one of my favorite authors since I read her first novel, Tested by Fire, 17 years ago.

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It has been 5 years since I read a new book by Kathy Herman, which was Not by Sight, 1 in this series. The author had a lot going on, so it was 5 years between the release of the two books. I have been looking forward to this book for 5 years, so I bought it and read it as soon as I could I have enjoyed all of Kathy's books, and the characters in those Kathy Herman has been one of my favorite authors since I read her first novel, Tested by Fire, 17 years ago.

I have enjoyed all of Kathy's books, and the characters in those books Part of that is the first two books center on kids For some reason, kids in books really draw me in and tug at my heart strings Book two takes up two years after the first book, and centers on the youngest boy in the Cummings family Book one was really good, but this one was even better. It was an emotional book, and the issue of faith was at the center of the story. Although the story and Jesse were fictional, I was convicted by the faith and willingness to die of a 12 year old.

Not By Chance Christian Fiction A Series of Chances Volume 2

Including myself, too many of us don't live the way this fictional 12 year old lived Kathy has never been afraid to put Christian content in her books, and a theme or message that goes beyond just entertaining. I did read the book in one evening, and could not put it down.

Thoughts of a Sojourner: Only By Death, Ozark Mountain Trilogy #2 by Kathy Herman

It was suspenseful, encouraging, and convicting. The book definitely gets 5 stars from me, and I was sorry to see it end, though I loved the ending. Thankfully, book 3 is not 5 years away, but is slated to release in August of this year Jun 19, Pat rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-romantic-suspense. Welcome back Kathy Herman. I know you've been through a lot and even made a big move to Oregon from TX.

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Kathy writes riveting romantic suspense with characters that are flawed but overcome through faith. This is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone. Only by Death started a little slow for a Kathy Herman book but after a few pages it picked up and didn't slow down. Liam takes his mother to the river she suffers from Alzheimer's and a young boy sees hi Welcome back Kathy Herman.

Liam takes his mother to the river she suffers from Alzheimer's and a young boy sees him as he leads her into the water. The 12 yr old boy is fishing about 50 yards away.

He tells himself that drowning his mother is a mercy killing but he does have ulterior motives. The police tell Jesse not to tell anyone that he might have seen his teacher's mother being drowned. Jesse being a typical kid tells his best friend, who tells his fellow football team so they will think his friend is a hero. Then Liam receives a note demanding money for what they saw. Liam think's Jesse told someone who is now blackmailing him now. Jesse is very mature for a 12 yr old Christian and when he is running for his life he remembers the story of the Good Samaritan and tries to apply it to his life.

I've been reading Kathy Herman's books for several years and I've never been let down by her books. If you read the first book in the series then you can tell where Jesse's mother is coming from in her faith. She's been through a lot and it took awhile for her to be able to give it all to God and take her hands off. She's a strong woman who likes to be in control. Makes it harder to give everything to God.

I pre order all of Kathy's books through a local indy bookstore and no one asked me to leave a book review. Neither the author nor the publisher knew I was leaving a book review and all opinions are my own. Dec 31, Brent Soderstrum rated it really liked it Shelves: first-read. I won this book through GoodReads First Read program. This is the second book from Herman's Ozark Mountain Trilogy. This book is similar to the first in that it takes a look at a Christian family and how they individually react to stress and bad things that happen in this world we live in.

Jesse is a 12 year old boy enjoying fishing when he sees two people wading in the water of the river. He doesn't pay much more attention because the fish are biting.

What Jesse didn't know was that the two people were Liam and his mother who has Alzheimer's. Liam is taking his mother into the river to drown her. Is this a mercy killing or was Liam really doing it to get his inheritance that was about to be tapped into by the care home his mother was going to be sent to to help with her care? Liam finds out that someone saw him with his mother that day and he will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out.

This includes roughing up and threatening Jesse. Herman weaves in a Christian message of trusting God throughout the book. She does this through Bible verses and the actions of the various characters. Good story about faith and love.

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This is book 2 of the trilogy and it would be helpful to read the books in order but not mandatory. Both tales happen to the same family and Herman fills you in on what previously took place. Apr 05, Susan Krich rated it it was amazing. This book was given to me through Goodreads. This is the second book of a trilogy. It doesn't overly refer to the first book but just enough to fill in some background.

This is a wonderful story of redemption. As you are reading the words, it is almost as if you can see and hear the action take place, as when Jesse runs into the room calling for his mama. The chapters and sub-chapters are just the right length for pauses if you don't have a lot of time to keep reading. Just when you think the end is c This book was given to me through Goodreads.

Just when you think the end is clear, there is a twist. I look forward to reading the last book "A Treacherous Mix". Apr 14, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Only by Death written by Kathy Herman is a great book. This book is a quick read and a page turner. I couldn't stop reading this book. The plot was well developed and had me wondering what would happen. Between the suspense, the killer and the mysterious ending, this book will have you gripped and wondering what would you do? The family aspect to this book was so interesting. Alzheimer's was a theme is a book.

ISBN 13: 9780781408042

I won't say much more or I will spoil this book. I give this book 4. A fav Only by Death written by Kathy Herman is a great book. A favorable review was not required for this review copy. All opinions expressed here are my own. Awesome read! A great story that will keep you turning the pages!

Only by Death (Ozark Mountain Trilogy Book #2) - eBook

So many Biblical lessons as well about forgiveness, being a Good Samaritan and dying to self! Highly recommend this book! So sorry that Kathy lost her husband but grateful to have her back writing and sharing her faith with us! May 29, Linda rated it liked it. Christian novel about a family already devastated be the murder of a husband and kidnapping of a young child years ago.

The child was found after 5 years. Cut to today, when another child of this family sees something at a creek that puts him and his family into potential harms way. In the end, justice prevails. Sep 05, Sharon Reed rated it it was amazing Shelves: novel.