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My husband travels a great deal, so often it was just me at home, chasing wild, giggling toddlers around like some calf-roping rodeo competition to change diapers. I would sit on the kitchen floor and watch my curious children take out all the Tupperware from cabinet, put it back in, and then take all the containers and lids out again. Around the two hundredth time we played this exciting game, I reached for a notebook and began scribbling stories.

I wrote no descriptions and suffered from severe verb tense issues. But I was in love and as happy as my daughter squeezing the squeaky elephant on her activity mat. Several writing classes later, two childhood friends, Henrietta and Kesseley, appeared on my page and began conversing. Henrietta was vivacious, ambitious, and prone to fantasy. Kesseley was gentle, patient, and in love with nature. Henrietta idealized the rakish heroes she read about in Gothic novels. Having suffered at the hand of his libertine father, Kesseley cared nothing for rakes and their self-indulgent pursuits.

Henrietta longed to leave their small village for the excitement of London.

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Kesseley could think of nothing better than spending his life farming his land. Eventually their love story became Rakes and Radishes.

Wicked Little Secrets, Susanna Ives

After years of unrequited love for Henrietta, Kesseley is resigned to go along with her plan and woo himself a willing bride. But once in London, everything changes. I remember this title from the contest circuit where it finaled quite a few times, right? Such a great title. My married name bears that connection. What a strange connection, huh? I have to tell you, I had to dig through old farming manuals to research this story.

Your hubby comes from strong stock.

Susanna, so glad you find the time and energy to put your thoughts on paper. I must say, Kesseley sounds like quite the hunk! This looks fantastic. I love the way you describe it—totally draws me into the story from the get-go. Nice work! He is totally hot whether he is doctoring sheep, dancing at a ball, or fighting in a London alley.

The story sounds lovely : Congrats!!! What is it about husbands and traveling? Especially when babies are young!! Keri, I think all the Carina Press covers are gorgeous.

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Congratulations on your release, Susanna! I was in labor for four days—I figure I earned a kid who slept through the night young and took good naps.

The Tool That Was And Wasn’t

I think I received the lowest scores in the contest that year. Nonetheless, I lurked about the chapter email loops, still scribbling on my poor misunderstood romantic masterpiece. My feelings were too hurt. So bad Susanna wrote fifteen pages of a story about a lady who wanted to turn her clueless, farmer neighbor into a rake. I titled my entry Rakes and Radishes. And it was a finalist! With just fifteen completed pages, I was sure that I was going to get the call.

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I wanted a fresh start with a different era. And Wicked Little Secrets was begun. At that time, I was in several writing groups, getting some pretty heavy critiques, and really focusing on my craft. About halfway into the writing process, another wonderful writer friend said she would recommend Rakes and Radishes to a new all eBook press.

After sitting quietly in some obscure folder on my hard drive, I took the old MS out, polished up its query letter and synopsis. However, the night I sent out that query, I also emailed one to another new publisher: Carina Press. I had very little hope. Then something amazing, Cinderella-like happened: I got a wonderful agent.

Wicked Little Secrets was sold to the fabulous Sourcebooks Casablanca.

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Ah, come on! Oh well. What are your five favorites? My favorite! Susanna Ives grew up in the rural South, where she spent most of her youth at the local theater, acting in productions, working in the lighting booth, and building sets.

Eventually she left her small town for the city lights of Atlanta, where she attended college and worked in corporations as a multimedia developer. These days she chases after her two curious, energetic children, designs web pages, and writes. Congratulations on your release!! I tweeted and shared on FB! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.