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I notice that although our rankings are broadly similar you have Seafire relatively high up. What was it about?

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Only read it once and all I can remember it it read like a fan fiction effort and was pretty dismal. What are your reasons for elevating it above Icebreaker and Death is Forever? Luds Moderator, Director. April Posts: 1, Sadly for me this is part of the casualties of the old site. I've read all the Gardners circa , and I really don't remember them enough to comment. Shame really, I remember having a list over there.

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Guess I just need to stop slacking and read them again! NicNac Moderator. April Posts: 6, I go back even further than I stopped two thirds through because I wasn't enjoying them. Basically saunders' assessment rings true for me. April edited April Posts: Seafire while deeply flawed at least is written in the formula of the earlier Gardner efforts and a final memory of better efforts, the novels I've listed below it especially 'Death is Forever' suffer from a bored Gardner's attempt to experiment with the formula and create books that suffer greatly from having too little involvement from Bond and story structure that is highly unsuitable for a Bond adventure.

Icebreaker while admittedly is more of a traditional 'Gardner Bond' adventure story it suffers greatly from highly implausible multi characters constantly swapping and re swapping sides. For the record I don't think Seafire is very good and agree with you that it reads like 'dismal fan fiction', it's just unfortunately still much better than some of his other attempts IMHO of course. DarthDimi Behind you! April Posts: 16, Unfortunately I've only read the GE novelization by Gardner. I tend to read a lot but somehow, when it comes to Bond, I prefer to limit myself to Fleming.

April edited April Posts: 2, I have recently re-read all of Gardner's books.

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Yes, it seemed like he lost interest after Win Lose or Die his eighth book - just over halfway excluding his two novelisations. April Posts: That's a pretty fair listing Bounine , it seems we are all agreeing that the quality of his novels declined over time.

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April Posts: 2, There are some good scenarios but it lacks suspense. The end scene on the ship is too rushed. Quoting Bounine : Follow this link if you're interested in reading Raymond Benson's assessments of the John Gardner novels Interesting! He's pretty lenient : I can't wait to reread the Gardner novels, actually, and read the ones I missed from the 90's.

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May Posts: 2, Yeah there are some good ones in there. Have fun! May Posts: I'm absolutely loving The man From Barbarossa right now. Surprised to see it ranked so low on everyone's lists May edited May Posts: 2, Even though I only re-read The Man From Barbarossa back in I have still forgotten everything that happens in it except for the part when: spolier alert Bond is wholled up in the villain's headquarters where he is disguised as a camera man. This part drags a bit. I think I recall the other parts of the book being more exciting. Quite possibly it could rank a little higher on my list. I would have to read this book and three or four of his others that I also don't remember as well, again.

The top 5 books and bottom 3 books on my list are definitely accurate in terms of their ranking. This is a tough group of novels to rank as I believe each of them had considerable strengths John Gardner carried on the series admirably and I plan on having a re-read of his novels in the near future.

As it stands, this is my current ranking: 1. Nobody Lives Forever phenomenal!!

One of my absolute favorite novels written for the Bond canon. SeaFire 3. For Special Services 4. Win, Lose or Die 5. Never Send Flowers 6. Role of Honour 7. Death is Forever 8. Licence Renewed 9. Cold No Deals, Mr. Bond Scorpius The Man from Barbarossa Brokenclaw This probably will change when I start my Gardner marathon, but only by a few spaces or so!

My failing memory forced me to look up the synopsis before I could answer theis one!!! Apologies Saunders, I've been a poor apprentice I promise to try harder and do a re read although because of a different thread of yours, I started Benson spit afresh For Special Services 2. Icebreaker 4. Nobody Lives Forever 5.

Role Of Honour 7. Win Lose or Die 8. Cold Fall. May edited May Posts: I'm four chapters into 'Zero', but have had to stop I don't remember having this problem the first time around, but I suppose that was a lot of years ago now. Be strong and stick with it, it does get better To be honest Mr Saunders, I think I'm going to bail out of it. If I read it all the way then it will destroy what 'pleasant' memories I did have of it. Also, finishing it will force me to read the next Might just go back and read Gardner instead, at least until Carte Blanche.

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Or there's always Hatfield's 'Killing Zone' Don't worry about it forcing you to read the next The way I got through Raymond Benson's novels was to just They were just mindless yarns that proved enjoyable at certain points. International arms dealers without wars are not making money. The "Bond girl" here is an undercover IRS agent in England investigating credit card fraud by cult mem A lot of readers of the Bond series include this among the best written by Gardner. The "Bond girl" here is an undercover IRS agent in England investigating credit card fraud by cult members.

Some good action and it moves along quickly at fewer than pages, but it isn't up to par with the best of the series. Jan 04, Dustin Dye rated it it was ok. This was another of John Gardner's rather tedious Bond books.

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This was written around the time of overblown news of Satanic cults were all the talk. The story is a rather odd tale of a doomsday cult carrying out terrorist attacks to disrupt British elections. It is somewhat prophetic, however, in hindsight seeing how many civil liberties we have given up today now that terrorist attacks are daily news--something this novel feared.

The pseudo-religious fanatic human bomb aspect has proven to be all to real in our world today. Assassinations and political election intrigue also. The island lair seemed borrowed from Fleming's Blofeld finale. The credit card access to the stockmarket maybe a little underwheliming. But good twists, turns and action all the way to the end. Seven books in and Gardner finally hits his stride with this streamlined, Old School thriller which is well paced, cleanly written yarn that manages to stay true to Fleming, but with a smoother, more modern flow.

Aug 17, John Yelverton rated it really liked it. James Bond takes on a crazy cult, and by the time it's over, he has definitely invoked his license to kill.

Licence Renewed

What was nice about this novel was the constant twists and turns it took which kept the reader guessing right up until the very end. Aug 25, Will rated it did not like it. Horribly predictable, unrealistic to the extreme, waste of a read. Sep 05, Kev Neylon rated it liked it Shelves: crime-thriller. Quite good, but can see ideas weaved in from at least three Bond films. Dec 02, Raegan Butcher rated it liked it.