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However, Roman's dad wants a grandchild and is afraid he doesn't have a lot of time left. Will the matchmaking work? May 12, Joanie rated it really liked it. Angela went to Magdalena for her job only to find Roman who came back to town to help his ailing father. Like any small town, a lot of secrets and lies were uncovered but some still hidden.

This was really a good read and showed a little heartache, compassion, love and lovelost! Cozy Romance Not what I usually read but it was a quick read. A bit too predictable and I am not interested in fairly graphic sexual encounters. I am sure many people will enjoy this extensive series. Apr 04, Debbie Duncalf rated it it was amazing. Great series. May 20, Julie Smith rated it it was ok.

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Jul 31, Barbara rated it it was ok. Suspense is created by deliberately keeping the reader in the dark which can be frustrating at times. And just why would someone take a stack of old magazines along on a short trip. Aug 01, Elaine Donadio rated it did not like it. In all fairness, I did not finish the book.

I found the writing stagnant and repetitious. Nothing happened in the first third of the book. Apr 16, Diane rated it liked it.

A Family Affair: The Proposal

Lots of different parallel stories. A bit far fetched. Apr 24, Alice rated it it was amazing.

Good love story with twists, turn and secrets. May 25, Helen B rated it it was amazing. Excellent part of the Campisi series. Apr 29, Marilyn rated it really liked it. Good this story is one of a series about people who live in a small town that has many people who neighbors. Apr 11, Ellen White rated it really liked it. Roman and Angie. Jan 05, Lucy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Romance. I love all if Mary Campisi's books but I think this has to be one of my favourites, this is Rome and Angie's story but you revisit so many of the other characters we love in this series, you also find out so many things that have shaped them into the people they are : Great job Mary Campisi, can't wait for book 9.

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Aug 01, Debbi rated it it was amazing. Another great book about the people of Magdalena. The story is full of love, hope, family and second chances. Pop Benito was up to his usually antics and it was surprising to see Natalie Servetti actually helping someone. Looking forward to reading the next in the series. Jan 22, Sam Parker rated it it was amazing. Another gripping Magdelena adventure I have loved the whole Family Affair adventure.

It's easy to read and once u start u don't want to stop reading until the end. Well done Mary.

The Disappointing, Emmy-Baiting Finale of “Big Little Lies” Season 2 | The New Yorker

Look forward to the next one : x. Another great read from Mary Campisi! I never tire of reading about the folks in Magdalena and nasty old Gloria Blacksworth continues to haunt this lovely town.

I do hope Tess and Cash get their baby. Maybe in the next one Feb 15, Pamela Gossard rated it really liked it. Magdalena is a never dull. This is a quick read shamelessly guessing. Once you pick it up toucan stop reading!

A Family Affair: Summer

Pop is performances of dishonest interventions this time! Jan 07, Yasmin Vasquez rated it really liked it. Excellent This is a wonderful addition to the series, Roman and Angie were a perfect couple. The weaponry of choice for their mother, Celeste Nicole Kidman , is a severe suit in lifeless blue and a line of lawyerly, hideous questioning.

Her adversary, sitting before her on the witness stand, is Mary Louise, the mother of Perry, who is played by Meryl Streep with a set of fake teeth and a bad case of maternal denial. Our eyes darted from Kidman to Streep, from Kidman to Streep, in the climactic scene, like they do when we watch champion athletes. Then Celeste plays for the courtroom a secret video, recorded by the twins, of Perry savagely beating her.

The people in the courtroom grimace; Celeste wins full custody. The electricity of the performances by Kidman, Streep, and Laura Dern as Renata, the power broker reduced to forsaken wife pumped into existence a thousand memes and a million GIFs , but the currents were not strong enough to distract us from the weak plot of this encore season, which probably should not have been made, or, rather, recycled from the first.

The initial episodes I watched for review, in June, were promising. Forward momentum and psychological surprise were forfeited for Emmy-baiting speeches. How many times would Ed, and Nathan, the ex-husband of Madeline and current husband to Bonnie, sneer at each other on their running path, like yipping puppies?

Book 3: Truth in Lies

How many times would Renata wail about her stolen wealth? But I loved it discretely, as it was basically unlinked to the central matters of the plot. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here.

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