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On a wild cat while the survey was already wearing a satellite collar, which will allow scientists to ensure that Victoria did not come close to human settlements. Interest in livestock it does not show, so I hope that we will be able to release it early next week.

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Now it is not possible to do weather conditions… In the territory of the Caucasian reserve in the framework of the Program of reintroduction of the Persian leopard in the Caucasus was created all the conditions for keeping livestock of the forage base for predator. Last year Victoria there successfully wintered and hunted. With the collar, we had the opportunity to collect information about the hunt and catch prey. Persian leopards were released into the wild in the Caucasus is to restore populations in the mountains of the Caucasus state biosphere reserve in mid-July When they succeed in doing that, Hobbs lets Dom and Brian go, and they split the money among their crew.

Cut to the end of the film, when Monica Fuentes from 2 Fast 2 Furious returns to tell Hobbs that Letty is alive and has been implicated in the hijacking of a military convoy. Almost everyone. While Hobbs functions as an antagonist for most of Fast Five , the seeds of his eventual alliance are planted.

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Tell me about the most ridiculous stunt: Did I mention the part where they drag a bank vault through the streets of Rio? Nearly everyone has paired off following the events of Fast Five. Dom and Elena are now living together, Brian and Mia are raising their son together, Gisele and Han are an item, and Roman and Tej are … not together, at least not romantically, but they sure do squabble like an old married couple. Hobbs reveals that Letty is still alive and working with Shaw.

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Dom calls in his old crew to help, but when they catch up with Shaw, Letty shoots Dom and escapes with Shaw. After visiting Braga in prison, Brian learns that Letty survived the wreck that supposedly killed her, and that Braga sent Shaw to finish her off, but Shaw made her part of his crew after discovering she had amnesia. In the end, Shaw is captured, and Hobbs even secures pardons for Dom and his crew again.

Otherwise, there are no significant new characters introduced in this movie, but the loss of Han again and Gisele hits hard.

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Tell me about the most ridiculous stunt: Dom and his crew chase Owen Shaw who is driving a literal tank along a towering viaduct. Cars are flattened, jumped from one elevated roadway to another, and thrown into chasms to act as anchors. But probably the most ridiculous part of the chase occurs when Letty is hurled off the top of the tank, and Dom leaps out of his speeding car to catch her in mid-air and lands safely on a car on the opposite side of the road. Furious 7 finds Dom back in the States, working with Letty to help her regain her memories.

The two of them fight the first of many Hobbs-vs.

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In exchange, Nobody promises his assistance in dealing with Shaw. During production of Furious 7 , Paul Walker was tragically killed in a car accident. Rather than kill Brian off-screen, the ending of the film was rewritten to give Brian a happy ending with Mia and their kids.

How will it not? Tell me about the most ridiculous stunt: This movie is so ridiculous overall it is impossible to highlight just one scene. Brian runs up the side of a falling bus as it tumbles off a cliff. The Rock flexes his cast off. A car is driven out of a skyscraper , into another skyscraper, then out of that skyscraper, into another skyscraper. While on his honeymoon with Letty, Dom is approached by Cipher Charlize Theron , who tells him she needs him for a job. Once Dom receives word that his son is safe, he turns on Cipher, destroying the submarine.

Stealing Fate

However, Cipher manages to escape, jumping from her plane before anyone can capture her. Despite killing Han a mere one movie ago in the Fast and Furious timeline, all seems forgiven here when it comes to Deckard Shaw and apparently Owen as well. Horse theft was harshly punished in the French Bordeaux region in the 15th—18th centuries.

Punishments ranged from whipping to a lifetime sentence of service on a galley ship. This latter punishment was also given to perpetrators of incest , homicide and poisoning, showing the severity with which horse theft was viewed by the judiciary. The offense of stealing a horse was the most severely punished of any theft on Russian estates, due to the importance of horses in day-to-day living. Flogging was the usual punishment for horse thieves, combined with the shaving of heads and beards, and fines of up to three times the value of the horse if the animal had been sold.

During that time the Great Plains states, Texas , and other western states were sparsely populated and negligibly policed.

Camp McConnell's fate remains uncertain

As farmers tilled the land and migrants headed west through the Great Plains, their horses became subject to theft. Since these farmers and migrants depended on their horses, horse thieves garnered a particularly pernicious reputation because they left their victims helpless or greatly handicapped by the loss of their horses.

The victims needed their horses for transportation and farming. Such depredation led to the use of the term horse thief as an insult , one that conveys the impression of the insulted person as one lacking any shred of moral decency.

Stealing the Spotlight: Robbery, Localism and the Fate of Hong Kong

In the United States, the Anti Horse Thief Association , first organized in in Clark County, Missouri , was an organization developed for the purposes of protecting property, especially horses and other livestock, from theft, and recovering such property if and when it was stolen. Originally conceived by farmers living in the area where Missouri , Illinois and Iowa intersect, it soon spread, with the first charter organization in Oklahoma Territory being created in By the associated numbered over 40, members in nine central and western US states, and a drop in horse thefts had been noted.

Men suspected of being thieves would be pursued by members of the organization, and often hanged without trial. Horse theft is still relatively common, with an estimated 40, horses a year being taken from their lawful owners by strangers or opponents in civil or legal disputes.

Stolen Horse International is one modern-day organization in the US that works to reconnect stolen horses with their owners.