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This well-researched book is about the afterlife of animals from a Christian perspective. According to the Bible, all animals go to heaven! This book has been a great comfort for those who have lost a beloved animal companion. It proves they have souls, spirits, reviews many original Greek and Hebrew words and translations, discusses God's relationship with the animal kingdom, and quotes from famous Theologians who knew that animals went to Heaven, such as Mathew Henry, John Wesley, John Calvin, and Adam Clarke.

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Includes encouraging and miraculous stories about people who have seen their pets in Heaven during NDEs, OBEs and deathbed visions; tips on overcoming depression, and looking to the future to be reunited with your beloved animal companion in Heaven. Learn that none of God's creatures are really dead when they die. Your pet has gone to heaven, awaiting a reunion with you someday.

Karen Litzinger, Licensed Professional Counselor, was inspired to create this CD following the deaths of her two dogs within four months. It takes you on a healing journey with words of wisdom, comforting affirmations, an inspirational reading, a guided meditation, and soothing harp music. The accompanying page booklet insert provides insight, healing strategies and practical resources. The gentle, grounded words in this CD are like a dear friend comforting you during your time of grief. Pet loss expert reviews: "a tremendously soothing experience" and "an experiential journey of healing.

It is the life story of my Siberian Husky, Bandit.

I share how God answered my prayers for him, as well as actual scriptures pertaining to animals in the Bible, and how we struggled to live through the loss. He was my best friend. Available on Kindle from Amazon. If you have pets or are grieving the loss of a pet then you must read this book. We love our pets and they love us. As you read this book you will learn about: People who have seen their pets in Heaven through near-death, out-of-body, and deathbed experiences.

You can look to your future with your animal companion family member. Realize Heaven is a very real place. Find out if there is recognition in Heaven. How you can overcome depression. Learn about a special white angel cat, and the miracle cross formed out of snow. Comprehend the concept of body, soul, and spirit for all creatures. Hi Deb, Thanks so much for the printable poem.

Rainbow Bridge( Pet Loss Poem)

My neighbors just very unexpectedly lost their year old puppy Willow in a truck accident. She was such a delightful happy dog with a brilliant shade of reddish orange hair. She often come over and play with my dog. We are a neighborhood with many many doggies so we are all grieving this lose. Thanks again! Hi Darlene, Willow sounded like such a sweet puppy.

I hope the poem helped bring comfort to your neighbors. Alone now, she and Molly were inseparable.

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Think this will ease part of hhe pain. I pray it will help her.

Rainbow Bridge - Pets Story and Poem

Thanks so much for sharing it with her. Bless you.

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Thank you allowing me to download The Rainboe Bridge poem. A friend with very elderly cats has never hesrd the poem. I am hopeful it will help her in her decisions ahead.

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Thank you again and God bless. Deb I am so glad that I found your site.

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  • I sent the Rainbow Poem to someone that loss their cat. But I love that poem, I cry every time I read it, I cry every time I think of my dog, it was just me and her for 15 years and I miss her so much. Anyway thank you for making this printable, so now I know where to find it.

    God bless you!!! I hope others will find comfort in the poem. God bless you, too! What a beautiful and suitable background to such comforting words. I have printed it out and will leave it for my husband after our return from the vet in the morning. Thanks again…. I hope the poem helps.