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The bus would slow down, and Westerband, the deputy, would hop out. Most of the runners did not think they had done a good job at all, although they had a variety of excuses as to why not.

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One by one, they entered the bus, and one by one, they explained what had brought them to this low point. Her preparation hit a snag when she realized she had misunderstood a key detail of the race. She thought she had three hours to complete it. A photographer snapped her photo. As the bus rolled inexorably toward the finish line picking off stragglers, Pietruszka and other passengers began to second-guess the necessity of being there at all.

The bus stopped for the last few unfortunates, and Westerband cajoled them through the door, even as they tried to remonstrate with him. The end was so close, within reach.

Taking advantage of the distraction, a runner who had been quietly sulking at the front of the bus suddenly got up and sprinted for the door, slipping past Westerband. He proceeded to jog unimpeded all the way to the finish line, where he was greeted with applause from runners who had managed to complete the course without riding the bus.

How to keep money issues from turning bitter

We should have gotten up and bum-rushed the officer! She did not really mean that. What she meant was: As God was her witness, she would never again find herself in this situation. Matthew Futterman contributed reporting. Besides being on the wrong road, you've got a sharp pebble in your shoe, but you're too stubborn to stop and remove it. Shaking out that pebble and getting back on the right road takes a conscious decision on your part. You are the only one who can end your bitterness, but you have to choose to do it.

You take the first step by going to God and asking him to be in charge of your justice. You've been hurt and you want justice, but that's his job, not yours.

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He is the One who makes things right. When you return that responsibility to him, you'll feel a heavy load come off your back. You take the second step by thanking God for all the good things you have. By concentrating on the positive instead of the negative, you'll gradually find joy returning to your life.

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When you understand that bitterness is a choice , you'll learn to reject it and choose peace and contentment instead. You take the last step by enjoying and loving other people again. There's nothing more attractive than a joy-filled, loving person.

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When you make that the emphasis of your life, who knows what good things might happen? Share Flipboard Email.

Updated February 03, When you're not married but you want to be, it's very easy to become bitter. Continue Reading. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Learn Religions, you accept our. Politics Rep. Omar files for divorce from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi pm. Local Minneapolis city officials brace for extra costs of Trump rally 30 minutes ago. More From Business.

National 1 minute ago. Two major retailers say they will no longer sell e-cigarettes in the U.

8 Signs You Are Bitter: How to Stop It and Live a Happier Life – Inspiring Tips

Business 1 minute ago. The chain said it was evaluating whether stores that did not service or sell RVs would stay open. National 4 minutes ago. US signs limited deal with Japan on ag, digital trade The United States and Japan signed a limited trade agreement Monday, a deal that would win back benefits American farmers lost when President Donald Trump pulled out of a broader Asia-Pacific pact his first week in office.

National 8 minutes ago. Prosecutor: Ex-Drexel professor spent federal grants at strip clubs Prosecutors say a former university professor in Philadelphia spent federal grant money on strip clubs and other personal expenses. National 14 minutes ago. Airline went into records after Max crash, engineer says Ethiopian Airlines' former chief engineer says in a whistleblower complaint filed with regulators that the carrier went into the maintenance records on a Boeing Max jet a day after it crashed this year, a breach he contends was part of a pattern of corruption that included fabricating documents, signing off on shoddy repairs and even beating those who got out of line.

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